Starting Courses

Essentials For Learning Sumi-e Painting

In this course, you will learn some general background for the application of this novel oriental brush painting method including an understanding of the process.

Meditative Sumi-e Beginner Bundle

The meditation course is the heart and the backbone of my method, It will help you develop your inner language for creating mindfully.

Meditation With The Brush

Meditative and practical tools for cultivating and accelerating the mind and body unity and develop the focus and presence needed to create in Zen spirit.

Practical Specialities

Shodo: The Way Of Calligraphy

An extensive course to teach you a unique, mindful and effective way of writing the Japanese/Chinese calligraphic characters and applying the process in creating art (shodo) and vibrant sumi-e paintings.

Rooster And Its Calligraphy

A method overview course on painting and writing the Chinese calligraphy of the Rooster and applying it to make a Sumi-e painting.

Clover Leaf With Luck Calligraphy

In this course we are demonstrating my process for Sumi-e painting of the four-leaf clover, using the strokes of the Chinese/Japanese “Luck” character.

You Will

About us


Whether you have never painted Sumi-e (oriental brush painting) or you have played with an ink-wash painting by following books and videos, here is a bundle to get started developing your knowledge on a practical and cognitive level.

With easy to follow courses, video tutorials, and lessons, you will learn to meditate with Sumi brush. Whether you are painting the bamboo, cherry blossom or a beautiful flower you just picked, this effective method will teach you an authentic oriental language.

Etta Mccarty a founder of CradInk